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Key Details

Location: Louisiana
Enrollment: Year Round
Student Ages: 13-18 Years Old
Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
Classification: Approved school by the Louisiana State Department of Education

Red River Academy Fequently Asked Questions
The Enrollment Process
Q: Can we visit the School at any time?
A: Yes, you are welcome to come to the facility any time you schedule a visit. After enrolling your student you can stop by any time you see fit.

Q: How long is the enrollment process for my student, what if I need to do it as quickly as possible?
A: In most cases it takes a minimum of 24 hours to complete the enrollment process, but your student must meet Red River Academy enrollment specifications.

Q: If I need financial aid or assistance are there any programs for my teen's tuition?
A: Your admissions representative will help you find financial assistance. There are different solutions for different families.

Q: Are there specific times during the year to enroll my student or is it open for enrollment at any time?
A: Students can enroll at Red River Academy at any time of the year. Our academic program has been developed to assist your student's specific needs. For more information about academics see below.

Q: Once I make the decision to enroll my teen, how do I get them to Red River Academy?
A: Your admissions representative will assist you through the different options of getting your child to the school. Each situation is different. Some students will come voluntarily while others won't. They will help you determine what is best for your family.

Student Life

Q: How many students sleep per dormitory room?
A: Four students are in one dormitory room

Q: How long is the average stay for a student at Red River Academy?
A: The program is based on the student's results, meaning it depends on the individual student's willingness to comply and commit to working and creating positive results.

Q: How often are student visits allowed?
A: Visits to your student are allowed when the teen reaches the appropriate status and has earned the privilege.

Q: Do you have special activities on Holidays?
A: Yes, activities are scheduled for certain holidays.

Family Communication

Q: Is the family involved in the student's progress?
A: A Family Representative is assigned to each student. Your Family Representative is in contact with your teen throughout the week. Weekly phone calls are made updating you on your student's progress. In time, students earn phone calls with their parents. Parents and students communicate by letter as often as they like. The parents and students attend workshops to assist in creating better communication.

Academic Area

Q: Is the School state approved?
A: Red River Academy has been given approval by the Louisiana Department of Education, Non-Public Schools Division and is able to grant high school diplomas. The Academy has also obtained the distinction of being accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Q: Are the teachers certified?
A: Yes, all of our teachers are certified and/or degreed in an area of focus.

Q: How many hours of school do the students have scheduled for class each day?
A: 7 hours of instruction divided into multiple classroom sessions.

Q: Do they have Physical Ed. time?
A: Morning fitness is 30 minutes each day and P.E. is in the afternoon for 1 hour each day.